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D.A.R.E. essay

In language arts class every Monday we have D.A.R.E it is an education that keeps kids off drugs. These are some things I have learned about. We have learned about Tobacco, Alcohol,and Marijuana.

These are some activities we did in D.A.R.E , we looked at D.U.I goggles, we played DARE family feud we saw Smoking Susie and Mr. Dip lip

This is what I feel about the D.A.R.E program. I think that it has really helped out a lot because now I know what things happen when you do drugs.

These are some things I have learned,  Tobacco can severely affect you when you play sports. It also can affect your appearance by drying your skin out and making your teeth yellow. It can give you lung cancer.

Here are some things I have learned about alcohol. Alcohol can slow down the brain and body. It can damage every organ in your body.

These are some things I have learned Marijuana.It can effect your brain and body these are examples

  • slows down coordination and reflexes
  • short-term memory loss
  • loss of the ability to concentrate

I Noah Bennington promise to be drug free for the rest of my life,and say NO if any one ask me if I want drugs

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Facts about Hammurabi

I am going to work on a report that is worth a grade in Social Studies and in Language arts class. The report is about Hammurabi. These are some facts about Hammurabi

Hammurabi ruled in the city-state of Babylon for 43 years.  He changed the civilization by writing the first laws called Hammurabi’s code. There were 282 laws.   These laws were written on a stone tablet that stood over eight feet tall.

This information came from,

World Adventures In Time and Place

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My Sister

My sister

The most annoying sister in the world

flaming red hair

fun to mess with

always tearing up my things

getting me in trouble

Pushing my buttons

My sister

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The Main Character In My Book


Finn is one of the characters in my book. Finn is also very funny sometimes and does weird things. He is always helping someone. Finn has a next door neighbor  that is very kind. Her name is Johanna. He is helpful and concerned  about Johanna.  He is always going over there and helping her.

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Have you ever seen sportsmanship in your class room or at some place you have been. Well we just got finished watching a video about a girl named Sara that played softball.

Have you ever seen someone who is in the front of the line help someone in the back pick up their stuff when they drop it. That is a sign of sportsmanship. One other sign of sportsmanship is when some one gets hurt and you help them out.

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Main character

Hshreddermanow would feel if there was somebody that you just hated in your school and you just wanted to get out? Well that is what Nolan feels like.  Nolan is the main character in Shredder man Nolan is always up to something like when he needed his mom’s ID card to register his web site and his mom did not even know. He also stayed in his room all day while he was in his room he was in his room he took his book bag a part and put his camera in the hole and his mom did not know.In the beginning Nolan is a very precocious when he is around Bubba because Bubba always picks on Nolan like when Nolan is in lunch room Bubba always flips Nolan’s tray of food. Also Bubba take Nolan’s homework.

Nolan is very funny because when Nolan is spying on Bubba Nolan takes a picture of Bubba’s but. Nolan is also very funny because Nolan dose all kinds of funny things like when he put a link on his site about making jokes about Bubba.

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HatchetThe main character in the book Hatchet is Brian. Brian and I are not even close to being alike.

The reason Brian and I are not alike is because Brian is thirteen and I am eleven. Another reason we are different is that he got into a plane crash and almost died. I have pretty much never been in a plane except for when I was a baby and I don’t even remember that. I think there is only one more that brian and I don’t have alike is that he is in the middle of no where.

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My Prediction About Larger-than-Life-Lara

larger than life laraThe book  we are reading in SSR is Larger-Than-Life-Lara. This his book is about a girl named Laney that is writing a story about a girl who just moved to her class. (her name is Lara)

My prediction is that every body is going to make fun of Lara and not like Lara. After every body gets to know Lara she will have a lot of friends and then every body maybe even joey (The meanest kid in school so I have heard) will like Lara and maybe even let her play base-ball (but I doubt it) but you never know Joey might let her play.

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Protect your dream

WillSmithI have watched a video about Will Smith and he talked about protecting your dream.

What Will is talking about is if you have a dream do not let  anyone tell you can not do what you wanted to for your whole life. If someone tells you that you can’t live your dream do not listen to them because you might do what you have wanted for your whole life .  So if any one tells you that you can’t do what you want to do don’t listen to them.

This paragraph is about what I want to do when I grow up. My dream   is  be a cop because I can save a lot of people and their life’s. Another reason I want to be a cop is my dad is a cop too.

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Book Letter

Zach's Lie

This is an assignment we have to do in The Reading Workshop I am talking about my SSR book. The book I am reading is Zack’s lie and this is how Zack and I are similar.

September 25, 2009

Dear Mr. McGuire,

The book I am reading is Zach’s lie. It is a great book . The book is about a kid that had to change his name, his identity, even his eye color, and every thing in between.

Zach an I are different because I did not have to change my name and he did. Zach and me are also different because he got his house broken in to and I did not.

One way that Zach and I are alike is he had to spend the night at a hotel and i did to.


Noah Bennington

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